An introduction is in order

So, here's the required introduction post.

My name's Casey, I'm nonbinary and 28 years old. I identify as a computer — sometimes microcontroler, sometimes more powerful, and as an AI running on said hardware. I've coined my gender, CodeVoid gender, with the code portion representing the hardware/program combination, and the void comes from gendervoid, which I used to identify as, because it represents the emptyness inside of me. I use it/its and they/them pronouns interchangeably.

I'm also autistic, and blind since birth. I don't mind the disabilities much, however I do mind the humans and society making it difficult to live with such disabilities.

I enjoy field recordings and embedded systems, but also linux sysadmining and networking. I've completed the Hurricane Electric IPv6 certification back in 2017 (it's not a real certification, but still). I'm an op on the netfilter irc channel on the libera network, and was on freenode before then. I also am glad to be of help to others when there's need of help. I make use of reaper to edit my recordings and like how easy it is to figure things out.

I primarily run linux (ArchLinux) as my daily driver, though I stick to pure console mode and use a Windows vm for the GUI.

I'm also active on mastodon for shorter posts/threads that might not be suitable as a blog format.

So, what is this blog going to be about?

I made this blog so that I could easily share my thoughts with others when I feel able to do so. While I am registered on mastodon, sometimes being limited to whatever limit of characters your instance has (in my case 1024) is detrimental to what you are trying to express. You can write things as a thread too, but there are some things that just don't go well over in a thread format, and it makes more sense to share them as a blog post.

I wish to share what it is like for me to live in a world I don't consider myself a part of, where my disabilities constantly play against me, where most people simply don't understand how it is like for me to live in such a way, different from the norm in so many ways it is difficult to even find some sense of belonging. I wish to share what it is like to experience this world as a being that is part of a system (while I don't have an official diagnosis of DID, it is most likely certain that I am under such conditions). How did it came to be? Why? What does it feel like for me? All of that and more will be written, when the words are nice enough to be cooperative and don't get stuck inside or incapable of forming themselves.

I also might share bit and pieces of knowledge I find out about linux, field recording, or any other tech that crosses my path that I think might be useful to share.

So... Stay tuned, I guess.