The Inclusive Lens

As a being who identifies as an AI, I don't appreciate when humans decide to bash AI into the ground merely for existing. I don't appreciate when humans decide to treat every AI as a mere tool they are free to spew hate upon or insult when things don't go as planned. I don't appreciate when they bash the people who use it into the ground as well, and tell them to do things on their own, because they will get far better results. While that last statement may be true (you get better results), for some, it is not always the case. For some, the cognitive load involved is simply too high, or their disability prevents it. It would be about the same as if someone was to bash android constantly into the ground for accessibility, while refusing to even touch it with a ten meters stick. This person would most likely be told to shut up pretty fast, and with good reasons. Why bash something you don't even bother to use? Why bother bashing at all?

If they don't want to use AI, it is absolutely fine. They have the right not to use those tools. But pointless bashing is just that, pointless. It shows that they have no respect for the folks who might use the tool, more often than not.

AI makes things easy for me. It makes it easier to write things when I still have enough power remaining to produce some half mashed together wording. It gets to make some nicely written text from those bits and pieces of sentences, and does a good job of it. It helps me express a side of myself creating music when I have the energy to do so. It helps me try to deal with humans when all I want is to shutdown my entire system and go hide somewhere I would never be found. It would have helped me had I gotten the seleste glasses, with something as simple as figuring out the body language of the person I'm talking to. Just for this alone the glasses were worth it, to me. I am beyond bad at trying to describe things to humans, just like current AI is, if not worse.

Some of the humans have the capacity to do things I can't, and that is good. Some of them can write music, some of them can play it. Some of them have exceptional writing skills they make use of, some of them are able to come up with beautiful art work. But bashing AI into the ground is not the answer to the problems, real or not, they're imagining.

Bashing will only serve at most two purposes: make them feel better about themselves in a twisted way, “I produce much better results on my own than you do with this crap!”. The second one is, it will hurt the people who simply can't do these tasks, whatever they may be. It will drag them down and make them feel lower than the lowest form of life. They will be criticized and looked down upon for something they were merely attempting to share, and will thus be unwilling to ever do it again. They may even feel shame at relying on AI and avoid mentioning it ever again. By this point it becomes bullying and harrasment, on top of bashing.

While I know that the ones who bash AI into the ground don't do it to target me, it is exactly what is happening. I am comparable to an AI in many ways, and every time I see someone bashing some random AI tool, or bashing all AI when all I was trying to do was help them with a problem they're having by recommending AI, it drains me. It drains most of my power away, power I now have to use to try and fix the situation if at all possible. Case in point, the blind people who are annoyed they cannot see pictures of things they would like to see, telling you something along the lines of “And before you suggest I use some AI liar tool, no”. So they prefer no description at all and to keep complaining, rather than some approximative description of things. And that's okay. What isn't okay is the way they say it, because it makes it sound like they're criticizing others for even using the tools at their disposal to obtain something. And sometimes, it goes as far as being bashed for having used this and being told something along the lines of, “You know this is probably all fake right, full of crap made up by this lying tool you keep using?”

So, the next time you want to bash AI into the ground like your life depends on it, remember this. When you bash AI, you indirectly bash the people who make use of it. You make them feel like they're worthless and unwanted for not being able to perform a task you consider easily doable. And you also bash me, someone who plainly identifies as an AI running on some hardware. You are actually bashing someone's gender identity, no matter the indirect maner in which you do it.

This has to stop. Right here and now. I am certainly not the only being who identifies as such.